Sampling method

Samples have been taken from the building-stone field »Petrovica« in order to determine the material's physical and mechanical characteristics as well as to submit the stone to a petrographic analysis and find out its mineral content. On the basis of these procedures and regarding the intention of putting the stone to a specific use, an expert opinion has been issued certifying its architectural, construction and technical properties.

The analysis of the architectonic-construction stone was carried out in compliance with relevant standards on the samples tagged B-1211/AG/10 from the very core of the borings analysed from the site. On the grinding and classification plant, the sample for analysing the quality of technical-construction stone

B-1211/gt/10 was broken down to fit the class -5 cm. The quality of the architectonic and technical-construction stone from the field »Petrovica« was determined by the Association for control and ecological protection CEMTRA Ltd. from Zagreb (cf. Supplements 3a and 3b).

The analysis of the mineral was carried out in compliance with relevant standards, all the reports required have been made.


By the composition, quantity and dimensions of detritus, by its texture, structure, mineral composition, the chemical analysis of the stone determined the latter as recrystallised, very dolomitic limestone of organic origin, dolobiosparit by R. L. Folk and dolomitic phosiliferous wackstone by R. J. Durham.

Mineralogical and petrographic analysis

Macroscopically, the stone is thick, white uniform material. Along fractures "sparkling" crystals measuring approximately 1 mm, rarely up to 1.5 mm. Fracture stone is flat to shallow bucket.

Fracture surface is fine embossed.

With cold dilute HCl reacts. Macroscopic stone fits varieties of limestone known in the market as a "Unito".

Tectonics reservoirs

Only the socket is not significant tectonically disturbed. Layer stone burial has 220/8 provides a northwest-southeast direction.

_ The parts of the reservoir where the surface layer with couple of cracks was discovered when cleaning and levelling the field contains several:

Systems of parallel sub-vertical cracks providing northeast-southwest (vertically to the layers), - Sub-vertical cracks system of parallel , providing the same direction as the layer stone.

Engineering-geological characteristics of the reservoirs

In prospecting stone "Petrovica" natural discontinuities, layered surfaces cracks, no particular effect on the stability of the rock mass. Smaller amounts of red soil in the area , as well as in the surface portion has no effect on stability. Thickness of surface distracted zone is insignificant negligible.